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Why You Should Download The Bukas App Today


Bukas.ph x Bukas app

Let’s do an easy counting exercise. Get your phone and unlock it to your home screen. Now, let’s do a quick survey! How many apps do you have installed right now? Ilang apps ang meron ka for social media? How about for gaming and entertainment? What about apps for your online class and studying in general? Chances are, they aren’t the same numbers per category. And that’s okay!

In this day and age, there is literally an app for everything. Katulad ng pagbilang mo sa mga apps na meron ka, every student also installs different mobile apps depending on what they need, want, or what they are interested in lately. Para sa mga madaling mabudol for their study area setups, may online shopping apps. Para sa mga mahilig kumain habang gumagawa ng modules, may food delivery apps. Pero para sa mga gustong makapag-aral at makapagtapos, what app is available online? That’s where the newly-launched Bukas app comes in!

With thousands of mobile apps created every day, students like you can have a really hard time picking which ones to install and which to ignore–especially with a limited phone storage. So in case you need more convincing, here are three good reasons why the Bukas app deserves a space on your phone!

Less typing, more applying

Based on WeAreSocial and HootSuite’s annual digital report, mobile has become our ‘first’ screen. Mula paggising hanggang pagtulog, we have our phones within a five- meter radius–ready to call a friend or submit a homework anytime, anywhere. Hindi na rin mabilang ang mga apps in the market that make activities more convenient and accessible for everyone. What else can’t you do with a smartphone?

In the same way, the Bukas app makes sure all students can now easily access their accounts and perform all related activities in a tap or two. When you install the app, hindi mo na kailangan pumunta sa mobile browser. Instead, you can directly sign up or log in to your account , manage your transactions, and check your monthly dues. Imagine applying for your first tuition installment plan with nothing but your phone! Ayos, diba?

Kung natuwa ka sa paggamit ng web version, our mobile app replicates that experience–only better and more handy!

Get updated... in real time!

Aside from being able to perform all Bukas-related activities and transactions in one go, mas madali na rin ang pag check ng application status mo! We know how waiting for the result of your installment plan can be difficult, lalo na kung malapit na ang pasukan niyo. (Side note: Our team is doing our best to go through every application ASAP. Please bear with us and wait patiently. Meron rin kaming tips to improve your chances of approval!)

So while we can’t promise you the specific time and day kung kailan lalabas ang result mo, our mobile app has an updated status bar you can check anytime to see the progress of your application. But wait, there’s more!

When you download the Bukas app, hindi na lang notification from your crush, este professor, ang matatanggap mo. We’ll also be sending you push notifications soon to help you stay updated with your application status, monthly payment dues, and other important reminders from our team. That way you won’t miss any deadline or announcement from us. You’re welcome!

Come for the tuition plan, stay for the exclusive features

Last but not least, here’s the only promise we can make for now: the Bukas app is only going to get better from here. We created the mobile app for students like you, and we’ll continue to improve and develop it with you in mind. That means there will be more features to expect in the coming updates!

Kung pwede ka mag apply for a tuition installment plan straight from your mobile phone right now, who knows what else you can do in the next versions? We say the only way to find out is to download the Bukas app today and get access to the new features exclusively available for our mobile app users!

PS. If you already have the app and you have suggestions, o kaya naman may bugs kang nakita, we’d love to hear from you! Help us improve your Bukas app experience. Please send us a message on Facebook or email us at [email protected]

It takes a village to raise a child. It will also take a community to make education more affordable and accessible to every Filipino youth. If mobile phones are where the students are, then there we’ll be also. So don’t forget to download it today on Google Play store, leave us a review, and spread the word to your your classmates and friends: #MayBukas app na!

Learn more about how we make education affordable for thousands of Filipino students like you. Download the Bukas app today on Google Play! Kung gusto mo maging updated with our latest content and updates, you can connect with us on Facebook or reach us anytime via email!

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