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How do I revise my profile details?

Hey there Bukas Barkada! You are one step closer to reaching a better tomorrow. We want to give you the best possible results for your application, but the road to excellence isn't as easy as you think.

Profile details include your guardian and guarantor information, proof of residence, proof of income, report card file, and all other information not included in the application form.

If you need to edit your profile and are a little stuck, here are the steps on how to revise your profile details:

Step 1: Log in to your Bukas account.

Log in

Step 2: Click “Revise your Information” on the upper part of your homepage.


Step 3: Click the arrow on the blue dialogue box with this text: Profile Details Revisions Required.

3rd step

Step 4: Simply follow the instructions on how to edit your profile details or retake your photos to make them acceptable before clicking next.

last step

Once you have successfully completed the required revisions on your profile, the status of your application should look like this once you go back to your homepage:

rev com

However, please take note that if you have items for revision on your application form, you will need to complete them as well., To know the steps on how to revise your application form, click here.

Kindly note that incomplete details will lead to delays in processing.

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