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I want to know more about NTC Tuition Installment Plans.

Why can't I see the other NTC Tuition Installment Plans powered by Bukas?

Our goal at Bukas is to help students pursue their studies through accessible and flexible tuition plans. We want our students to be in the best position to manage their tuition plans, therefore it would be best to select from the available payment options you have.

To know more about our available NTC installment plan options, please go here

How do I select an NTC Tuition Installment plan powered by Bukas if I am an irregular student?

For irregular students, it would be best to first proceed to your program head first to enroll subjects before checking out with Bukas.

Once you have selected your subjects, you can pay with NTC Installment plans powered by Bukas here.

Will I be granted the same NTC Tuition Installment plan next semester?

As of now, you can only avail of an installment plan for your previous and current semester's tuition balance. If you wish to avail of an installment plan next semester, you will have the option to do so during the next enrollment period. You can also log in to your NTC portal to check if Installments Powered by Bukas is listed as one of the payment modes.

Is there a different duration available for NTC Tuition Installment plans? (e.g. 6 months)

Currently, we only offer 5-month and 12-month installment plans. When selecting the 12-month installment plan, you have the option to pre-terminate your plan early. This means requesting for a re-computation of your existing contract to shorten your installment plan. You may request this for free and even avail of interest rebates.

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