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Help Center  >  Worried about your tuition fee? Bukas is here for you!

Worried about your tuition fee? Bukas is here for you!

You may now re-apply for another loan or get a 500-peso voucher if your application gets rejected.

Multiple Installment Plans (MIP)

Students with existing Bukas Installment Plans may apply again and maintain multiple installment plans (MIP) with Bukas for additional tuition coverage. You may use your additional plan to settle current semester or incoming semester tuition fees.

How to Re-apply

Once you are eligible to re-apply, the application buttons "Apply to a University or College" or "Apply to a Short course or Bootcamp" should be clickable for you. You may log in to your Bukas account to check this. To submit a new application, please click any of these buttons depending on your school.

You may check these articles to learn more about the application process and the reapplication eligibility requirements:

To learn more about Multiple Installment Plans (MIP), you may also check this link: https://bukas.ph/help-center/category/multiple-installment-plans/


How can I avail of the 500-peso voucher?

  • Submit your application from January 18-31, 2023.
  • You should have received a text message informing you about your eligibility to be part of this campaign.

Applicants with rejected applications may receive PHP 500 inconvenience fee EXCEPT those who were rejected for the following reasons:

  • The applicant’s phone number is uncontactable.
  • The applicant was not able to complete required documents.
  • The applicant was not able to provide a guarantor when asked to.
  • The applicant’s guardian or guarantor is uncontactable and did not complete the verification calls.
  • The applicant created a duplicate account or started a new application using another mobile number.
  • The application was initiated by the applicant’s guardian or guarantor.
  • The applicant has unpaid outstanding balance.

When will I receive my 500-peso voucher?

The 500-peso vouchers will be distributed on February 3, 2023.

Will my requested amount be automatically approved?

While there is a high chance that your application will be approved, your requested amount is still subject to the approval of our assessment team. This means that you may be approved for a lower amount than the one you requested.

Where can I follow-up my application?

If you need assistance with your application, you may email us at [email protected] . Use the subject “5OO OFF” so we can assist you ASAP.

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