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What do I need to know about the Bukas Mobile App?

What is the Bukas mobile app? Is it different from the Bukas website?

The Bukas mobile app is the new and convenient way for students to access their Bukas account and manage their applications. Just like the Bukas application portal on the website, the Bukas mobile app requires an internet connection to be able to process your application.

Why should I download the Bukas mobile app?

We encourage you to download the Bukas mobile app to experience a more convenient way of managing your Bukas account. With just a few taps, you’ll be able to submit an application, check status updates or monitor upcoming payment deadlines.

Our team is constantly working to improve the mobile app experience so stay tuned for news and updates on new features we will be releasing exclusively to our mobile app users.

Where can I download the Bukas mobile app?

For Android users, you can download the Bukas mobile app on the Google Play Store today. For iOS or Apple users, please wait while we prepare our mobile app for the App Store.

Why can’t I find “Bukas” on the Google Play Store?

It may take time for our mobile app to appear as one of the top search results on the Google Play Store. May we suggest searching for “Bukas loans” or “Bukas pay” or “Bukas tuition”? Alternatively, you can also access the mobile app directly on the Google Play Store.

Why is the Bukas mobile app not available on iOS?

We’re still working on making your experience on iOS as seamless as possible. Don’t worry, we’re launching our iOS mobile sooner than you think.

Is the Bukas mobile app free?

Yes. Downloading the Bukas mobile app and applying for a tuition installment plan is FREE!

I am having problems with my Bukas mobile app. What should I do?

Found bugs on the app? Good! Please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] Help us make your Bukas mobile experience better… today!