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Help Center  >  Why can't I see other Bukas All-in Plans for PHINMA?

Why can't I see other Bukas All-in Plans for PHINMA?

Our goal at Bukas is to help students pursue their studies through accessible and flexible tuition plans. We want our students to be in the best position to manage their tuition plans, therefore it would be best to select from the available payment options you have.

Depending on your outstanding balance from PHINMA and Bukas, students can enroll using Bukas All-in Plans.
Note that the installment plans are available for both Freshmen and Upperclassmen students with outstanding balances.

You can always shorten your installment plans anytime by terminating your loan early before 12 months! Terminating early is FREE and you may be eligible for interest rebates.

Simply send an email to [email protected] once you have set a target date for advanced full payment. To know more, you may check this link.

To know more about the available installment plans for you, you may check this - What are my Bukas All-in Plan options as a student from PHINMA

Note: This article is only for the following PHINMA campuses:
Republican College, St. Jude College, University of Pangasinan, and UPang College of Urdaneta.