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What are the Tuition Payment Plans provided by Bukas?

You are now guaranteed access to use Bukas as a payment mode. Instead of applying separately for a Bukas plan, you can now select Bukas as a payment mode straight from your NTC enrollment portal.

With Tuition Installment Plans Powered by Bukas you can enroll in NTC with NO DOWN PAYMENT required. Depending on your school's policy, NTC students can choose between two flexible tuition payment plans powered by Bukas.

For a short-term plan, you may opt for a 5 month installment plan with 0% interest. For lower monthly payments, you may opt for the standard 12 month installment plan with 1.5% interest per month and a one-time 3% service fee.

To know more about how to check-out with each payment mode, please see here.

To see what you need to prepare, please see here.

What will happen to my existing installment plans with Bukas if get another installment plan with NTC?

There will be no changes to your existing installment plan. You will still need to complete your monthly payments. You can see your repayment dues and schedule once you log in to your Bukas account at

You have the option to pay your previous installment plan in advance or pre-terminate your existing contract to manage your finances better.

For tips on managing 2 installment plans at one time, please see here

However, to use Bukas for your current term payments, you still need to go through the NTC Student Portal.

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