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Help Center  >  How is this different from my previous Bukas Installment Plan?

How is this different from my previous Bukas Installment Plan?

Will I be granted the same Bukas All-in Plan next semester?

As of now, you can only avail of an installment plan for your CURRENT semester's tuition balance. If you wish to avail of an installment plan next semester, you will have the option to do so during the next enrollment period. You can also log in to your NTC portal to check if Bukas All-in Plan is listed as one of the payment modes.

What will happen to my existing installment plans with Bukas if I use Bukas All-in Plans for NTC?

There will be no changes to your existing installment plan. You will still need to complete your monthly payments. You can see your repayment dues and schedule once you log in to your Bukas account at app.bukas.ph.

You have the option to pay your previous installment plan in advance or pre-terminate your existing contract to manage your finances better.


For tips on managing 2 installment plans at one time, please see Now that I have more than one installment plan, how do I know how much to pay?