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Why can't I see other other Bukas All-in Plans?

Our goal at Bukas is to help students pursue their studies through accessible and flexible tuition plans. We want our students to be in the best position to manage their tuition plans, therefore it would be best to select from the available payment options you have.

As NTC students, you can choose between two flexible Bukas All-in Plans if:

  • You do NOT have outstanding balances.
  • You do not have multiple outstanding balances in multiple semesters.
  • You do not have any past dues on existing Bukas plans or any late payments with NTC & Bukas

Note also that the Bukas All-in Plans for NTC are available to COLLEGE and GRAD students (except Freshmen for both degrees, transferees, and/or balik-NTC students)

For more information about the 5-month and 12-month Bukas All-in Plans, you may click here.

This article is not valid for NTC students enrolling for Summer Terms