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7 Types Of Friends You’ll Meet In College


You need people by your side as you go through the different stages of life, including your stay in college! Friends make your time in college more enjoyable and, sometimes, chaotic (in a good way). Iba’t ibang klase ng tao ang makilala mo sa kolehiyo, including people you’d consider your polar opposite.

But you’ll also meet people who will shape you as a person—friends that will make college, and life beyond college, more meaningful. From the resident titas to your constant study buddies, here are seven types of friends you’ll meet in college:

1. The joker

They’re known as the comic relief of the group. Kilala rin sila bilang “clown” and “living meme” among other things since they can boost anyone’s mood. It may be hard to keep a serious conversation with them at times, but you love them anyway. Having them around reminds you to take breaks and have fun, lalo na kapag stressed or overwhelmed ka sa mga schoolwork.

2. The resident

While your batchmates are probably around your age, you’ll come across people who give off tita vibes. They like going on lunch dates with their friends na may kasamang kape at kwentuhan. Since they have almost everything in their bags, sila rin ang lagi mong hinihiraman ng iba’t ibang bagay. Kagaya ng tissue, ballpen, band-aid, at iba pa. Since mahilig rin sila makipag-kwentuhan, they most probably know all the latest gossip—este—news too.

3. The
laude in the making

They’re always on top of lectures, assignments, and anything that has something to do with their grade point average (GPA). They are often labeled as “GC” which stands for grade conscious. Sa simula pa lang ng kolehiyo, they’re already aiming to graduate with honors.

Maaasahan mo sila pagdating sa mga deadlines at overall schoolwork na hindi mo masyadong naiintindihan. Since they’re academic achievers, they can answer most, if not all, your academic-related questions. Minsan sila rin ang hinihiraman mo ng notes since they pay close attention in class. When you’re with a laude in the making, you’re also motivated to do well in school!

4. The “kaladkarin" friend

Everyone in college has a friend who’s always up for a spontaneous hangout or adventure. They’re willing to go almost anywhere, mula sa mall hanggang sa Tagaytay. In short, mga kaladkarin. They make the most out of free periods in school as well as the weekends with their friends. Pero minsan sila rin ang nag-aaya sa’yo na mag-cut ng klase para gumala!

5. The “BS Org" friend

From artistic to advocacy-related organizations, college is a place where you can explore many interests. Since maraming extracurricular activities ang mga ito, you’ll probably meet friends who are super active in organizations. Tinatawag din silang mga “BS Org” since they seem to be doing more extracurricular work than actual school work. You might even meet someone who’s juggling three or four at the same time! Whether as an officer, member, or ambassador, lagi silang may inaatupag sa org. As a friend, hinahatak ka rin nilang sumali sa mga activities or events nila. Open tamb? Free food? Discounted event tickets? They got you covered!!

6. The “study” buddy

The way to go about homework, readings, and other schoolwork is to have a study buddy. The study buddy is someone who keeps you company, especially when preparing for exams or recitations. Pero minsan, sila rin ang dahilan kung bakit nahihirapan ka mag-focus! Kapag kasama mo sila, mas maraming kwentuhan at pahinga kaysa sa totoong pag-aaral. While studying, they might distract you with a not-so-quick chat. O kaya naman yayain kang gumawa ng post sa TikTok o Instagram. But what’s great about them is that they make you feel that you are not alone, especially when the academic workload gets overwhelming. Pulling all-nighters is more fun and bearable with study buddies!

7. Your college
ate or kuya

Being a freshman in college can be intimidating, but luckily there are upperclassmen who can help you through this. They’ve been in your shoes. Alam nila ang pakiramdam nang naliligaw sa campus, and being overwhelmed about college life in general. You’re bound to meet an ate or kuya figure who can give you tips and tricks to survive and enjoy college!

Kaya naman they’re always ready to give advice, listen to you, and answer your seemingly basic questions about school and life in general. Sometimes, they’ll even keep in touch even after they have graduated, ready to lend you a hand beyond your college years. Soon enough, you’ll be an ate or kuya too for the next batch of freshies.

On #InternationalFriendshipDay, we celebrate the friends that add color to our lives. From the friends who make us laugh to the friends who help us get through the tough times. Here’s to the friends whom we share our lives with, old and new. From the Bukas family to you, may you find the best friends in and out of the classroom!

​​Learn more about Bukas and how we make education affordable for thousands of Filipino students like you. Apply for a tuition installment plan in your upcoming intake, and join our growing community for more tips and advice about all things student life. A brighter future awaits. Sa'yo ang Bukas!

Written by: Bea Salcedo

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