Tuition Installment Plans Simplified

We’re here to help you understand how our installment plans work so you can worry less about interest rates and focus more on your studies.

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Bukas values transparency

We value transparency. We tell you everything you need to know right from the start. Here are the details of our standard tuition installment plan.

1.5% Monthly Interest Rate

The monthly interest rate is the small fee charged every month for the unpaid amount borrowed. Compared to credit cards and other similar services, our rates are lower.

3% Origination Fee

This is a one-time only processing fee that we charge to keep our operations going. This will be included in your monthly payments so you don’t need to pay upfront.

12 Monthly Installments

To minimize the amount paid monthly, all installment plans are payable in 12 months. If you would like to pay in fewer months, you may pay in advance without any additional costs.


Find the plan that fits you

Enter your details to get an estimate of your monthly dues and fees. Adjust the amount and duration to see what works best for you.

*Interest rates may vary depending on the assessment of your application.


Installment duration

Your sample monthly payment

Interest rates


One-time service fee


Installment duration


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Getting ready for your first student loan (financial product).

Don’t be afraid. We’re here to guide you as you avail of your first installment plan.

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How much do you need? (Principal)

Before getting a plan, find out how much you need first. Do you need coverage for your full tuition? Or do you only need partial coverage? This will determine your plan’s “Principal” amount.

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How much will you repay? (Interest and origination fee)

Now that you know what you need, you can now see how much you will have to repay. This will be bigger than what you asked for due to interest rates and the origination fee charged to your plan.

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When or how do you start with your repayments? (Repayment)

Your first monthly installment will be due 30 days after the disbursement of your tuition. You can pay for your monthly dues online or over-the-counter at partner banks and non-bank payment centers nationwide.

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Understanding your Bukas contract

Now that you have a general idea of how an installment plan works, let’s see where you can find the important terms and rates of your plan in your Bukas contract.

Contract quick guide
Where do I find my Reference Code?

Your Reference Code is listed down as the Agreement Number in your disclosure statement. You can also find your Reference Code under the “My Installments” tab of your Bukas account.

How much will I pay monthly?

Your monthly repayment is listed down as Monthly Installment Amount in your disclosure statement. You can also find your monthly dues on your payment dashboard under the “My Installments” tab of your Bukas account.

When is my monthly payment due?

You can find your Installment Repayment Schedule in your disclosure statement. You can also find your monthly dues on your payment dashboard under the “My Installments” tab of your Bukas account.

Do you have more questions about applying?

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Can I get additional tuition coverage for my next term/sem even if I have an existing Bukas Tuition Installment Plan?

Yes! We’re here to help you from start to finish. That means students who apply for an installment plan today can get additional coverage in the succeeding terms. Just make sure you pay for your monthly dues on time and apply early to avoid any delays.

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Here’s how you can apply for a Bukas Installment Plan

Learn more about what we can offer and find out how you can get your full tuition covered in as fast as 5 days.

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