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Bukas Flex

Bukas Flex

Bukas Flex is your trusted Bukas tuition installment plans… only better. As a student-first brand, Bukas is committed to providing students with the best financing option for their studies. In line with this, our plans are continuously being improved to better suit the needs of our borrowers.

Through greater flexibility in our tuition plans, primarily through flexible pricing and loan tenors, Bukas continues to offer the best possible payment alternative in the market so more students can start, continue, and finish their education. Bukas Flex is for YOU!


Flexible pricing, more chances of winning

Bukas Flex allows Bukas to cater to more students from different backgrounds and qualifications instead of evaluating applications with a more general approach. With flexible pricing, more students have higher chances of getting their applications approved!

Flexible pricing, customized plans

Flexible pricing allows Bukas to offer the best possible tuition plan for your studies. Interest rates, service fees, and loan tenors are now all customized to match a student's profile. Full coverage? Longer tenor? Let us know what you need and Bukas will offer the best possible tuition plan for you!

Flexible pricing, greater freedom

Here at Bukas, we believe that students are in charge of their future — both what to study in school and how they pay for school! In the same way, you have the freedom to decide if Bukas Flex is the right option for you. Our guarantee? Bukas promises only the best tuition payment alternative for students that is fair, safe, and secure.

Flexible pricing, better security

Pursue your studies with peace of mind. Pay your tuition every semester with a reliable third-party payment partner that your school, parents and, guardians trust. Our strong relationship with our partners allows for a seamless enrollment experience and confidence in re-application from your first year up until your graduation.


What are the changes in the Bukas tuition installment plan’s rates?

Our rates now come in range! A standard tuition installment plan comes with an interest rate ranging from 1.90% to 4.90% per month, while our one-time service fee ranges from 4.50% to 10%. Note that rates applied to applications vary depending on school and student profile.

How will this affect my active tuition installment plans?

While Bukas Flex plans are already up and active for current applications, there will be no changes in the monthly repayment of existing activated installment plans. However, ongoing loan applications should note that approved rates may be different from what was initially applied for. This is in accordance with our recent systems update that included our rate changes.

Why are the interest rates given to me different from the one on your website?

Our website calculator displays the standard interest rate and origination fee computation. To see the updated rates specific to your school, please log in or create an account at app.bukas.ph.

I am a repeat borrower. Why is the interest of my new loan different from my existing loans?

Every application is thoroughly reviewed by our Assessment Team. This explains why applications may have different results despite having the same borrower. Factors such as submitted documents, given information, and payment behavior are all taken into consideration for Bukas to offer the best tuition plan for the new loan application. This is great news for good borrowers!

Will Bukas Flex plans still be payable in 12 months?

Yes! Bukas Flex plans, our tuition installment plans, are still payable for up to 12 months. If you wish to pay off your Bukas installment plan earlier than your chosen tenor (approved installment length), you may follow our pre-termination process.

With the rate changes, will I still be able to pre-terminate my plan?

Yes! You can still request for a pre-termination of your chosen plan. To request for the official pre-termination of your plan as well as a recalculation of the interest of your plan, kindly send an email to [email protected]. For more information, you may follow our pre-termination process.

Pre-termination is the process of settling all your balances with Bukas earlier than your approved tenor/installment length. Think of it as closing your Bukas tuition installment plan before the last due date. Note that pre-termination is free and you also have the chance to be eligible for interest rebates. The interest rebates will be based on the rates indicated in your contract.

I still have questions about Bukas Flex and rate changes. Who can I contact?

For questions about Bukas Flex, rate changes, and related inquiries, you may reach out to our Contact Us page. Under the Type of Concern field, select “Others” from the dropdown menu then type in the details of your concern together with “Bukas Flex inquiry” for faster response.

Ready to flex your future? Do it with Bukas Flex!

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