Bukas Finance Corp. is a duly registered Financing Company with SEC registration No. CS201901691 and Certificate of Authority No. 1199.

Please remember to study the Terms and Conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with any loan transaction.

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Help Center  >  How to Repay Your Tuition Installment Plan Via Bayad Center

How to Repay Your Tuition Installment Plan Via Bayad Center


  1. Go to an official Bayad Center branch and ask for a BILLS PAYMENT SLIP.
  2. Write the borrower’s name under Account Name.
  3. Then add your contact number and date of payment.
  4. On Transaction Details, put a checkmark beside "Bills Payment".
  5. Write "Bukas Finance Corp." or "Bukas.ph " as your Biller.
  6. Under "Amount Due", put the monthly installment amount due you would like to pay for.
  7. Under "Account Number", put your Bukas installment Reference Code found under the "My Installments" tab of the Bukas account where the application was done.
  8. Return the Bills Payment Slip and pay the cashier to complete your transaction (NOTE: You will be charged an additional transaction fee by Bayad Center. This varies between P15 and P20 depending on the Bayad Center branch). Wait for 1 to 3 working days for your payment to reflect.
  9. Keep a copy of your bills payment slip in case of payment concerns.

To safeguard your account, remember to settle your payments only through our accredited payment partners. Always SELECT US AS BILLER through your preferred bill payment option and AVOID DIRECT BANK TRANSFERS to ensure your payment is credited to your Bukas account successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How much is the transaction fee if I pay using Bayad Center?
    You will be charged a transaction fee. This will vary between P15 and P20, depending on the Bayad Center branch

  2. Bayad Center cannot locate the Biller's Name. What do I do?
    You can use "Bukas Finance Corp." or "Bukas.ph " as the biller's name. If you still have difficulty here, feel free to use our other payment methods found here.

    Please also send us an email at [email protected] and include your full name, reference number, and the branch of Bayad Center you experienced this with.

  3. I entered the wrong reference code and now my payment does not reflect. What do I do?
    Kindly email us at [email protected] and include your full name, reference code, and your deposit slip as proof of payment.

Additional Reminders:

  1. The Bukas Installment Reference Code is alphanumeric, the first three (3) characters are letters, and the succeeding seven (7) characters are numbers. Make sure to write legibly so that UnionBank or Bayad Center can process your payment correctly.
  2. If your due date falls on a weekend or on a holiday, please pay for your installment plan before the due date. In case of late payments, there will be a late payment fee amounting to 5% of the unpaid balance
  3. If you have paid on time but the payment made does not reflect on your payment dashboard, please wait for 2-3 working days. You will receive an SMS once it reflects on your dashboard.
  4. No need to send a screenshot of your payment slip. You can check your dashboard in your Bukas account to see if the payment was reflected. It normally takes around 2-3 working days for it to appear on your dashboard.

If you have any issues with the processing of your payments, you can send us an email at [email protected] .

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