Bukas Finance Corp. is a duly registered Financing Company with SEC registration No. CS201901691 and Certificate of Authority No. 1199.

Please remember to study the Terms and Conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with any loan transaction.

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Need additional tuition coverage?

In case you need additional tuition coverage, you can already re-apply for another loan. If you are interested, email us at [email protected] with subject "Request for Additional Amount." so we can assist you.

Students with existing Bukas Installment Plans may apply again and maintain multiple installment plans (MIP) with Bukas for additional tuition coverage. You may use your additional plan to settle current semester or incoming semester tuition fees.

Frequently Asked Questions on your Credit Limit

  • I received an SMS informing me of my eligibility and credit limit for my multiple installment plan. What does this mean?

Email us with subject "Request for Additional Amount"

The credit limit serves as the remaining amount that you can loan with Bukas after deducting the amount approved for your ongoing installment plans. Note that payments made on your ongoing installment plans will increase the maximum amount.

Ibig sabihin, ang credit limit ay ang matitirang halaga na maaari mo pang hiramin sa Bukas kapag ibinawas ang ipinahiram sayo sa iyong mga kasalukuyang loan. Sa kada-buwan na nagbabayad ka sa tamang oras, nadadagdag ito sa iyong credit limit. Habang ikaw ay nagbabayad buwan-buwan, tumataas rin ang maximum amount na maaaring ipahiram sayo sa susunod mong loan.

credit limit
  • Does this mean I will be required to get the entire amount?
    No. You have the option to request for the entire amount for your next installment plan but you can also request for less.
  • Does this mean I will be automatically approved for this amount?
    No. Note that your application will still be reviewed and processed by our Operations Team. Your application and requested amount is still subject for approval. Please also note that we cannot approve an amount that is more than the tuition balance indicated in your tuition document.
  • Once I get approved, what’s next?
    You will receive a loan agreement with our standard terms and conditions which you will need to confirm and agree in order to activate your loan.
  • I cannot enter my entire credit limit in the system. What do I do now?

credit limit

Note that maximum requested amounts in our system will still apply (e.g. Php 50,000). If you need an amount that is more than the limit set on our system but still within your total credit limit, please email us at [email protected].

  • I need more than my credit limit. What can I do?
    By settling your payments in advance, you will have a higher chance of increasing your maximum amount. Learn more about how to pay here: https://bukas.ph/help-center/how-do-i-pay/
  • I received a text message with the credit limit but I do not see the button to reapply. What do I do?
    You can only reapply for this amount once you are eligible for Multiple Installment Plans. Your eligibility meter should have a “Good” or “Very Good” rating for you to be able to reapply for this amount.

How do I apply for another loan?

Log in to your Bukas account and click the "Apply to a University or College " or "Apply to a Short Course or Bootcamp" icon in your Bukas account. If you need assistance, email us at [email protected] with subject "Request for Additional Amount."

When you apply for a new plan, you’ll need to fill in the application details, and provide us your updated assessment form. You may also be asked for your updated proof of residence or proof of income.

Once you’ve submitted your new application, please wait 3-5 working days for feedback from our team.

If there are any changes to your account information (e.g. address, guardian, guarantor information), please send us an email at [email protected] so we can update your profile.

To learn more about Multiple Installment Plans (MIP), you may also check this link: https://bukas.ph/help-center/category/multiple-installment-plans/

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