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Now that I have more than one installment plan, how do I know how much to pay?

Having more than one installment plan also means following more than one monthly due. Here are some tips on how to maintain Multiple Installment Plans.

  • Tip #1: Use the payment dashboard on your Bukas account to keep track of your Multiple Installment Plans and its respective due dates. This table is updated every time you pay so you can take note of which months need to be settled for each installment plan.

    Note: Your payment table updates only after 1-3 business days after making a deposit.
  • Tip #2: When settling monthly dues for your installment plans, it is important to indicate the reference code or installment number for the specific plan you are paying for. You will need to make separate transactions or deposits per installment plan to ensure your payment is recorded for that specific plan’s payment dashboard.
  • Tip #3: While we cannot change the repayment date for any installment plan after its approval, you may opt to pay your Multiple Installment Plans’ dues all in the same day to avoid the hassle of handling multiple transactions on different days of the month. Take note of tip #2 and time your payment so that none of your installment plans are past their due date.

E.g. If plan #1 is due on June 15 and plan #2 is due on June 26, you may pay every 13th of the month for both your installment plans. That way, neither of them are due and you settle both accounts in 1 day.

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