School Assessment Form for Tuition Installment Plan Application

Generally, a school assessment form or a tuition billing must contain the student's full name, the student number, and the total tuition amount. The student number on your school assessment form is mainly important because it will be used as the reference number for our payment to your school.

The school assessment form is one of the documents you need to upload in your Bukas account to complete your application for a tuition installment plan. However, for every school, there are different document names for this. You may read the list below for the acceptable school assessment form per school or university:

Lyceum of the Philippines University

  1. Enrollment Assessment Form

Mapua University

  1. Certificate of Matriculation and Assessment
  2. My Payment section in MyMapua Dashboard Screenshot
  3. Generated Schedule and Assessment

Jose Rizal University

  1. Statement of Account from a Student's AIMS Account
  2. Student's Copy of the Enrollment Permit

Far Eastern University - Manila and Makati

  1. Digital or Physical Copy of the Student's Certificate of Registration
  2. Screenshot of the Student's Enrollment Portal that shows their Outstanding Balance

Far Eastern University - Tech

  1. Screenshot of the Assessment Form from the Student Portal

Far Eastern University - Diliman

  1. Schedule and Assessment Form

National Teacher's College

  1. Student Registration Form

Our Lady of Fatima University

  1. Hard Copy of Registration Card
  2. Screenshot of the Students Ledger Page

Malayan Colleges Mindanao

  1. Advising And Assessment Form
  2. Statement of Account

Malayan Colleges Laguna

  1. Certificate of Matriculation and Assessment Bill
  2. Generated Schedule and Assessment

Centro Escolar University

  1. Certificate of Matriculation
  2. Statement of Outstanding Account

Note: For incoming freshmen, you may submit a copy of your proof of enrollment to [email protected] If you have any issues, you can send us an email at [email protected] or chat us up on our Facebook.