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Your Ultimate Guide To Student Discounts In The Philippines

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Next to managing your time and brain cells sa pagsasagot ng walang katapusan na modules (we believe in you!), managing your finances might be the next hardest thing to do as a student. Good thing, aside from having mad budgeting skills, you can also maximize the student discounts and perks available for you! Don’t worry. School ID lang ang puhunan, walang minimum grade required.

To help you stretch your weekly allowance, we did some research on some common expenses where students like you can score real deals and discounts–just by being a student. Ayos, diba? Prepare your notes and let’s get started!


Sa susunod na tawagin ka sa recitation tungkol sa Philippine laws, may maisasagot ka na: Republic Act 11314 or the Student Fare Discount Act. Madali mo ‘tong matatandaan, lalo na kung gagamitin mo ang student discount mo every time you commute mula bahay papasok ng school and vice versa. Or kahit utusan ka lang ng magulang mo na mamalengke.

According to this act, enrolled students from elementary to college (including those in technical-vocational schools) are entitled to a 20% fare discount on all public transportation–land, air, and water. And yes, kahit on weekends and holidays!

Note: The student discount is not applicable to students in post-grad courses like Law, Medicine, Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree as well as those currently taking informal short-term courses like dancing, driving, music, and swimming to name a few.

Public Utility Vehicles (PUVs)

While you can avail the fare discount in all modes of public transportation, there are times when drivers and operators may not be aware or keen on complying with the R.A. 11314. Kaya sabihin mo na agad pag-abot ng bayad! Ang tanong, alam mo ba kung saan ito pwedeng gamitin? Here’s where you can ask for a student fare discount:

  • Regular buses
  • Point-to-point (P2P) buses
  • Jeepneys
  • Taxis
  • Tricycles
  • Trains (LRT, MRT, and PNR)

Kung nahihiya kang humingi ng student fare discount because you’ve been denied before, don’t worry! The act states that you can file a complaint to the designated transportation regulatory boards when refused the fare discount privilege. Hopefully, hindi ka na umabot dito. Some expert student commuters suggest having a copy of the R.A. 11314 ready on your mobile phone helps! We say clever but brilliant. Bakit hindi, diba?

Note: Hindi kasama sa discounted fares ang mga transportation services na may contract or charter agreement. Think school services, shuttle services, and tourist services!

How to get the student discount: Present your valid school ID


Are you planning to book a flight to your home province for the upcoming sem break or Christmas break? Applicable rin ang student fare discount dito! As long as it's a domestic flight and you’ve provided all the required documents as stated by your preferred airline, pwede ka nang lumipad on a student budget!

How to get the student discount: Present complete requirements upon ticket purchase (over the counter/telesales). Check out the guidelines here if you’re flying via Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific.

Passenger ships

If you prefer to travel by sea, your student fare discount still applies! Tulad ng pag book sa flight tickets, availing the student discount on passenger ships would need you to present the required documents upon purchase of the ticket–hindi kapag pasakay ka na ng barko. Kindly keep in mind also that every passenger ship has its own guidelines for implementing the act. It’s always best to inquire ahead of your trip!

How to get the student discount: Present complete requirements upon ticket purchase (over the counter/telesales). Check out the guidelines here if you’re traveling via 2Go Travel or Ocean Jet.

Ride-hailing services

Kung suki ka ng transport network vehicles services (TNVS), or more commonly known as ride-hailing services, this is good news! Hindi ka nalang sa random promo codes makakatipid, pwede ka ring mag request ng student fare discount. This usually comes in special discount codes you can input as your book your ride via the mobile app.

How to get the student discount: Prepare your valid school ID and fill out their respective student discount request forms. For your easy reference, here’s for Angkas and Grab!

Learning resources

Bukod sa pamasahe, we understand that students also spend a chunk of your allowance on learning resources to help you manage your studies better! Buti nalang, there are a lot of companies that offer student discounts and freebies. And chances are, you’re already using most of them in school. Ang tanong, aware ka ba sa mga student promos nila? Maybe you and your classmates can start using it next sem!

Microsoft Office Suite (Office 365)

You probably know and use Microsoft Office tools since you started in school. But in case you miss it, may FREE and complete access ang students and educators sa Office 365! So kung may upcoming research paper or thesis presentation ka, you can count on your licensed Word, Excel, Powerpoint, even Microsoft Teams, to help you deliver and excel in class. May libre ka pang 1 TB of online storage!

Price of Office 365 for non-students: Php 3,499/ year (Php 349/ month)

How to get the student perk: Sign up for a Microsoft account using your valid school email address

Google Drive

We know flash drives and hard drives still exist. Pero kung mas gusto mong easily accessible ang files mo anytime and anywhere, storing it in the cloud might be your best option! The good news is, meron kang unlimited storage on Google Drive when you use your school email address. Sobrang dami mo nang mailalagay na school files, handouts, and lecture notes dun compared with the initial 15 GB storage for non-student users!

Price of additional 100 GB storage for non-students: Php 889/ year (Php 89/ month)

How to get the student perk: Use your valid school email address


Since pandemic shifted learning to online classes, students now meet in virtual classrooms like those in Zoom. With a school email address, your free basic plan gets unlimited minutes and meetings. Goodbye, 40-minute time limit! That way tuloy-tuloy na ang kwentuhan, este class discussion, may features pa like whiteboarding and breakout rooms to help you engage better in class–kahit hanggang screen lang muna for now. Maybe a campus virtual background can help set the school vibe?

Price of Zoom Pro for non-students: around Php 721/ month

How to get the student perk: Sign up for a free Basic account using your valid school email address

Adobe Creative Cloud

Whether you’re taking up multimedia arts or you just want to level up your creativity, investing in the right tools is important! Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a top pick for both experts and newbies since kasama na rito ang mga go-to softwares for graphic design and animation like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Start creating by getting the subscription with your 60% student discount!

Price of Adobe Creative Cloud for non-students: Php 2,642/ month

How to get the student discount: Sign up for an Adobe account using your valid school email address


Kailangan mo ba gumawa ng infographic or poster for a creative project but don’t have the skills to use advanced design softwares? Don’t worry. That’s where Canva saves the day! Thanks to its drag-and-drop function, anyone can design anything. Pwede ka rin mag collaborate with your classmates in real-time. And the best part? As a student, you get to enjoy the premium version for FREE!

Price of Canva Pro for non-students: Php 5,990/ year (Php 499.16/ month)

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a Canva account using your valid school email address. Learn more about how your class can use Canva for Education.


Want to upskill for your future? Taking online courses is key! Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) providers are everywhere, and Coursera is leading the way. With the Coursera for Campus student plan, may access ka na sa unlimited guided projects and one free course per year. Libre na, pwede mo pa magamit ang certifications na makukuha mo when you apply for a job! How’s that for a student perk?

Price of Coursera Plus for non-students: around Php 19,203/ year (around Php 3,802/ course)

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a Coursera account using your valid school email address. Learn more about how your class can use Coursera for Campus.


Learning never stops! If you’re looking for another MOOC to try, Skillshare might be the one! This online learning platform has a variety of fun classes to try that can boost your creativity and even relieve your stress from school work. Think hand lettering, watercolor, or journaling for self-care! May Student Scholarship ang Skillshare that lets you enjoy a premium subscription for half the price. So anong class ang gusto mong unahin?

Price of Skillshare Premium for non-students: around Php 4,764/ year (around Php 914/ month)

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a Skillshare account using your valid school email address

Productivity Apps

Being a student doesn’t have to equate to being busy… and disorganized. Kung kailangan mo ng tulong in the organization department, there are productivity apps you can easily download on your phone to keep your files, class schedule, and life in order. Or at least, try. Here are some apps where you can use your student perks!


Have you ever tried taking down notes during a lecture only to forget where you put it? Gets ka namin! Save yourself from panic and headache by keeping your information organized in one place, kahit na offline ka pa. The Evernote app lets you take down notes, draw your notes, record your notes, upload your notes, and literally manage your notes however you define ‘organized.’

Tbh, marami pang features to explore but we’ll leave that up to you to discover. Did we mention a 50% off for students on yearly premium subscription?

Price of Evernote Premium for non-students: around Php 1,100/ year

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a Evernote account using your valid school email address


Kung kailangan mo ayusin buhay mo, este become organized in your daily tasks and school projects, Notion might be your lifesaver! It has practically everything you need for managing your school work–from neat note-taking spaces, to-do lists, calendar reminders and infinite nesting pages (read: shoutout sa mga mahilig mag organize ng files nila into folders!). Pwede ka pang mag collaborate with your classmates in real-time! All this to say that you get to have these features for FREE. Ayos, diba?

Price of Notion Personal Pro for non-students: Php 200/ month

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a Notion account using your valid school email address

You Need A Budget (YNAB)

ICYMI, budgeting is for everyone. Kahit na estudyante ka pa lang at school allowance pa lang ang source of money mo! The earlier you start practicing good financial habits, the better it is for you when you start earning your salary and paying your own bills. Develop good habits and budget like a pro with the YNAB app. May one year free trial ka na as a college student, magkakaroon ka pa ng mad budgeting skills. Win-win!

Price of the YNAB app for non-students: around Php 4,042/ year (Php 577/ month)

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a YNAB account using your valid school email address


We believe that entertainment plays a crucial role in a student’s holistic learning. And that’s also the reason kung bakit hindi lang limited sa transportation, learning resources, and productivity apps ang student perks mo. Ever wonder where else you can use your school ID? Here’s where you can save some money and have more fun:

Music streaming platforms

Para sa mga singers and singers-at-heart, music therapy may be the best way to unwind! With your student discount, pwede ka nang maki sing along with your favorite artists without ads and interruptions–kahit na offline ka pa. Prices differ depending on your preferred streaming platform so we just went ahead and listed them down for you:

Spotify- Php 65/ month, Php 129/ month (non-students)

Apple Music- Php 69/ month, Php 129/ month (non-students)

Youtube Premium (Youtube and Youtube Music)- Php 95/ month, Php 159/ month (non-students)

How to get the student discount: Sign up for an account using your valid school email address


Do you want to read books but can’t seem to concentrate when reading? Okay lang ‘yan! Baka audiobooks ang para sa’yo. With Audible, pwede ka nang magbasa ng libro just by listening to it. If you’re into podcasts, marami ka ring titles na pwedeng pagpilian. Get your Audible subscription with a 33% student discount. Music to the ears, right?

Price of Audible Premium Plus for non-students: Php 718/ month

How to get the student discount: Sign up for a Audible account using your valid school email address


If you enjoy visual entertainment, watching a good movie is a no-fail way to treat yourself after exams. Or kahit walang exam at gusto mo lang mag relax, pwede rin! Student discounts are often given to promote culture among young viewers. Watch out for these local film festivals and get up to 50% student discount on your movie ticket:

Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival- August

Mapúa University’s Cinemapúa Student Short Film Festival- November

Metro Manila Film Festival- December

How to get the student discount: Present your valid school ID

Concerts and Plays

Planning to see your favorite artists live on their Philippine tour? O kaya naman, may gusto ka bang panoorin na mga plays and musicals pero hindi pasok sa budget? Use your student perks! TicketWorld and TicketNet extend as much as 20-50% discounts for students. Just a friendly reminder to buy your tickets at physical outlets!

How to get the student discount: Present your valid school ID

Museum and Galleries

If your type of relaxation includes a trip down memory lane, then pack your bags! There are a lot of museums in the Philippines that offer free and discounted entrance fees for students–regardless kung required ka na pumunta for a class project or if it’s your own interest. Here are some museums you can include in your bucket list:

Art in Island- Php 400

Ayala Museum- Php 125-300

BenCab Museum- Php 120

National Museum of the Philippines- FREE

Lakbay Museo- Php 599

Pinto Art Museum- Php 100

The Mind Museum- Php 190-475

How to get the student discount: Present your valid school ID

Being a student is an exciting time of your life. Maximize your learning experience inside and outside the classroom, even on a student budget. Basta dala ang valid student ID at kabisado ang school email address, may student discounts and perks para sa’yo. Which one do you enjoy the most? Share it with your friends and classmates today!

Learn more about Bukas and how we make education affordable for thousands of Filipino students like you. Apply for a tuition installment plan in your upcoming enrollment, and join our growing community for more tips and advice about all things student life. A brighter future awaits. Sa'yo ang Bukas!