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Courses You Can Take If You Took HUMSS Strand In Senior High School


Students under the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) strand study how people’s behaviors and thoughts are affected by many factors. From family backgrounds to the media they consume. In short, they study and explain the things that shape human experiences. Kasama dito ang religion, history, politics, and culture among others.

Since the human experience is vast field of study, marami ring courses ang pwede mong pagpilian sa kolehiyo. Here are some HUMSS courses you can consider in college:

Literary Arts

Do you like reading or writing stories? Kung mahilig kang magbasa at magsulat, a course in the literary arts might just be for you. Through both technical and creative skills, students in literary arts are trained to tell stories that have value—stories that help people make sense of their experiences. From stories about growing up to stories that preserve truth and history. Pursuing literary arts can lead to a career as a technical writer, journalist, editor, researcher, and more.

Here are some literary arts courses you can consider:

  • BFA Creative Writing
  • BA Philippine Studies
  • BA Literature
  • BA Journalism

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Media Studies

How do movies represent real life? Why do you immediately want to buy something when you see an advertisement online? Ito ang ilan sa mga tanong na sinasagot ng media studies. Students study how messages are conveyed by a specific medium to an audience. From print, digital, and social media, media shapes how people think and act.

Media studies helps students understand the relationship between people and media. Through this, students are also able to create different kinds of media material for different audiences. For instance, making a public service announcement on radio or making a commercial for a product. With a degree in media studies, maaari kang magtrabaho bilang public relations officer, content creator, media planner and more.

Here are some courses on media studies you can choose from:

  • BA Communication Arts
  • BA Cultural Studies
  • BA Multimedia Arts
  • BA Information Design

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Social Science

Social science is a study of the social relationships of people in society on a personal and community level. This covers different aspects kagaya ng history, psychology, at politics. Students explore these areas to interpret why and how things work, or don’t work, in a society. For instance, how people vote or why online learning is more difficult for Filipino students.

Kung naiisip mo ang mga bagay tulad nito, or have a heart for enacting change in our society, take a social science course! Depending on your chosen course, you can work as a social worker, lawyer, counselor, civil servant, and more.

Here are some social science courses you can choose from:

  • BS Political Science
  • BA Sociology
  • BA/BS Psychology
  • BA Anthropology
  • BA Philosophy
  • BA History

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International Studies

Have you ever dreamed of working in another country? A course in international studies can prepare you exactly for that. International studies takes the study of social and political relations to another level. Students learn about foreign cultures, policies, and societies in general. Since international studies equips students with a global perspective, the course can be specific to a country of your choice.

Here are some courses on international studies to choose from:

  • BS Diplomacy and International Relations
  • BS Development Studies
  • BS Economics
  • BS Global Politics
  • BA International Studies (Japan, United States, Korea, etc.)

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Written by: Bea Salcedo

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