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Help Center  >  How do I revise my application details?

How do I revise my application details?

Get your application approved faster by keeping your details updated! To revise your details, sundin lang ang mga sumusunod na steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Bukas account.

Log in

Step 2: Click “Revise your Information” button. Makikita mo ito sa upper part ng homepage.


Step 3: Click the “Installment Application Form Revisions Required” button.

click arrow

Step 4: Simply follow the instructions on how to edit your application details or retake your photos to make them acceptable before clicking next.


Kapag natapos mo na ang mga required revisions for your application form, your application status will be updated and should look like this on your homepage:

rev com

Note: Your application form only includes you student number, school assessment form, and selfie with ID file. Kung may revisions rin na kailangan for your profile, you would need to complete them as well. This may include your guardian and guarantor information, proof of residence, proof of income, report card file, and all other information not included in the application form. To learn more about revising your profile details, click here.