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7 In-Demand ICT Careers in the Philippines


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Hi-tech na ang takbo ng buhay ngayon! Businesses are launching online stores. People and brands are on social media platforms, mapa-TikTok man yan o Twitter. And companies use all types of software and digital tools in their daily operations.

Kaya naman in-demand ang ICT professionals nowadays. Companies need experts who can help them apply tech to their businesses. If you’re a current or aspiring ICT major, many career opportunities in ICT are waiting for you! ICT—or Information and Communications Technology—focuses on all things communication, including the Internet, wireless networks, and cell phones.

Here’s a list of in-demand careers you can pursue after you finish your ICT course. Look through this list and see which ICT career piques your interest!

Note: Average salaries are based on available data in Payscale.com. Salaries may vary from case to case.

1. Computer programmer

Average salary: ₱205,048 / year

Computer programmers code, create or customize computer programs, and debug software. Based on the 2019 DOLE report on labor market trends, computer programming daw ang isa sa highest-paying jobs sa Pilipinas. Bukod pa dyan, our country is on its way to becoming the call center capital of the world. As the tech industry grows, so will job opportunities in computer programming and IT!


  • Writing and testing software codes
  • Maintaining and improving computer programs
  • Identifying and solving technical problems
  • Preparing software reports and manuals

2. Systems analyst

Average salary: ₱483,917 / year

Para sa problem solvers at heart! A systems analyst helps a business find the best system to solve their problems and achieve their goals. As a systems analyst, you’ll be the middle person between IT and non-IT stakeholders. Systems analysts are experts in programming languages, operating systems, and hardware.


  • Designing and implementing software or hardware for businesses
  • Conducting app testing
  • Managing access levels and passwords
  • Providing support in database management

3. Web designer

Average salary: ₱299,907 / year

Combine your love for design and tech. Web designers use their creative and technical skills to design the layout and visuals of a website. These specialists make sure websites are not only #aesthetic but also functional.

Web design further branches out into two specializations: UI (User Interface) design and UX (User Experience) design. UI focuses on website visuals and user interactions, while UX involves the structure of a website.


  • Designing engaging websites
  • Improving a website’s usability to ensure users complete an action
  • Building content management systems (CMS) for websites
  • Running website tests
  • Improving a website’s page load speed

4. Web developer

Average salary: ₱290,081 / year

Kung sa web designer ang website layout, sa web developer naman ang website structure. Web development involves more technical work like using complex coding languages. As a web designer, your job will be translating designs into a functional website.

Both programmers and web developers do a lot of coding. Ang pinagkaiba? Programmers usually build computer applications from scratch or make additional app features. Meanwhile, web developers build and maintain websites specifically.


  • Working with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python, and other web design coding languages
  • Collaborating with designers and creating functional websites
  • Fixing website issues
  • Monitoring website traffic

5. IT support specialist

Average salary: ₱222,641 / year

IT support specialists manage computer systems and provide technical support. There are many types of IT specialists, depending on the needs of a company. Kaya iba-iba rin ang tawag sa IT support specialist: IT support engineer, technical support manager, desktop support manager, at iba pa.

According to Recruitday, IT support specialists in the Philippines can earn anywhere from ₱31,300 to ₱80,000 per month. G na!


  • Installing, repairing, and upgrading computer systems
  • Assisting hardware and software users in tech support issues
  • Troubleshooting computer systems, servers, and networks

6. Information security analyst

Average salary: ₱584,534 / year

With great connectivity comes great risks to data security. Companies need cybersecurity experts to keep their confidential information safe from hackers. Information security analysts provide security solutions and find data security threats. These experts use security software and network computer programs to solve security issues.

PS. As a future data security expert, make sure to practice data privacy in your own life! There are practical ways to keep your data safe from hackers and scammers.


  • Documenting and analyzing data security threats and breaches
  • Developing data security strategies
  • Operating company systems like routers, firewalls, and hardware
  • Coordinating system updates to minimize downtime and protect company assets

7. Data scientist

Average salary: ₱641,277 / year

Puro iced coffee videos ba YouTube recommendations mo, kaka-search mo ng dalgona coffee recipe? Data science at algorithms ang explanation dyan.

Data scientists consider the human aspects of applying technology. This science involves collecting and analyzing data to solve everyday problems. For example, data science helps companies understand their customers, make better decisions, and improve their products. Math, statistics, at machine learning ang kailangan sa data science. If you’re up for the challenge, baka data science ang career para sa yo!


  • Collecting large sets of structured and unstructured data
  • Analyzing customer and market trends
  • Finding patterns and trends in data sets
  • Coming up with data-driven solutions
  • Using analytics and reporting tools

Abot-kamay na ang dream job mo sa ICT, no matter your gender or socioeconomic status. Step one is pursuing the best ICT course for your chosen career path.

Learn more about Bukas and how we make education affordable for thousands of Filipino students like you. Apply for a tuition installment plan in your upcoming intake, and join our growing community for more tips and advice about all things student life. A better tomorrow awaits. Sa'yo ang Bukas!

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