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Hello college, the fears are real


College—one of the most memorable years in someone’s life. Your time in college plays a big part in shaping your character, interests, and independence. As exciting as it is, alam naming marami ka ring mga tanong at pag-aalinlangan. Did I choose the right course? Am I in the right campus? Will I be okay? We hear you. College comes with its own challenges too, whether that be internal or external. Your fears about college may be overwhelming, but knowing and acknowledging the fear is a step forward.

Fear of being alone

From applications to moving to another city. You might have gone through many things just to get into your dream school. You’re responsible for many things, like budgeting your allowance and sticking to your schedule. While it’s important to learn how to be independent, handling a lot of things by yourself, in a new school, can feel lonely at times. Sometimes, you may feel like you have to figure things out on your own, but you don’t have to. At least, not all the time!

College gives you many opportunities to meet people who can walk alongside you in your student years. Marami kang makikilala sa kolehiyo—people you can learn from and friends who will make school feel like your home away from home. Ika nga, “no man is an island.” If you’re worried about not finding the right friends or “not fitting in,” remember that the gift of friendship comes in unexpected packages. There are people in your school who are looking for a friend like you.

Fear of getting things wrong

From getting failing grades, saying the wrong thing, getting in trouble to choosing the wrong course—it is scary to get anything wrong in college. Lalo na kung freshman ka pa lang. College is a place where you can start fresh, but it does not mean you have to get it right all the time. And that’s okay. Huwag mag-alala, it’s okay not to get the hang of things right away, you can always try again. At laging may matututunan sa bawat pagkakamali. What’s more important is how you choose to get back up after failing. It’s what you do after failing that counts.

Mistakes and setbacks are inevitable, but it’s all a part of your college journey. Your peers in college are probably in the same boat too. Trust us when we say, hindi ka nag-iisa. There is always hope that things, no matter how difficult they may seem at the moment, will get better. No effort is ever wasted for those who try!

Fear of the future

Iniisip mo na agad ang future habang nasa kolehiyo. The thought about life after college a.k.a. the real world has already crossed your mind. Job hunting, not having enough time, graduating, and transitioning yet to another stage in life are all valid concerns. These things make it feel like you always have to be on the go. Laging may ginagawa at laging tumatakbo para maabot ang pangarap. But remember that college is not a race. It is a journey with challenges and wins too. Hindi mo kailangan laging magmadali.

Being on the hustle in college is admirable. After all, kaya ka nag-aaral nang mabuti ay para magkaroon ka ng magandang kinabukasan. However, while it’s good to prepare for the future, thinking about it too much can also take you away from the beauty of the present—ang pagiging estudyante. There are a lot of things in store for your future, but know that there are exciting things for you in college too. You’ll only be in college once. It may be uncomfortable and challenging at times, but there are a lot of things you can enjoy too.

The fears are real, but so is hope. College might be filled with uncertainties, but you are free to face it one day at a time. Lagi’t laging may pag-asa. Are you afraid of being alone? Are you afraid to fail in college? Are you afraid of the future? Okay lang ‘yan. Every student feels the same way at some point. Acknowledge your fears, get involved in a community, and enjoy college. This might just be some of the most memorable years in your life.

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Written by: Bea Salcedo

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