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Bukas All-in Plans for APEC Schools allow parents to choose amongst three flexible tuition installment plans!

Pay for your child’s tuition fees with more affordable and flexible options. You can now choose amongst the Bukas All-in Plans with NO DOWN PAYMENT required.

  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon For a short-term plan, you may choose the 10-month installment plan with zero interest charge.
  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon For lower monthly payment dues, you may choose the 12-month installment plan with 0.5% interest per month and one-time 2% service fee.
  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon You may also opt to choose the 18-month installment plan with 1.5% interest per month and 3% one-time service fee.
  • Before you start, make sure you meet all the requirements below!
    Your child must be a JHS or SHS student enrolled at any APEC Schools.

    Bukas All-In Plans are only available to cover the tuition fees of students who are enrolled in Gr 7 - 12 at any APEC School campus.

    You must have a copy of your child’s student ID and enrollment form.

    This will serve as proof that your child is a student of APEC and that they will enroll in the coming semester.

    You must have your proof of income and proof of address.

    This is a crucial document for your profile and your application, so make sure you don’t miss it.

#GetBetterEachDay with APEC!

Be college-ready with APEC Agile and Smartclass programs.

Get 100% Tuition Coverage

Bukas covers your current tuition and pending balances, if any. Learn how to avail of the Bukas All-in plans.

Pay conveniently!

Paying for your tuition fees monthly has never been easier. Bukas is partnered with over 8000 payment platforms for your convenience.


Follow these steps for a smooth process!

Get a sample quotation by selecting APEC on our Registration Page and choosing your preferred All-In Plan.

After you’ve confirmed your enrollment with APEC, you should expect to receive an email from [email protected] If you have not received an email from APEC regarding the Bukas All-in Plan, follow the steps below:
Contact the APEC Schools’ Representative

Via SMS, contact the schools’ representative at 09478890114 and send the following details:

  1. Bukas Tuition Plan
  2. Parent Name
  3. Parent Mobile Number
  4. Student’s Name
  5. Student ID Number

You can also send an email to [email protected]

Sign the consent from sent by APEC via email. After 24 hours, you will also receive a unique payment link from APEC.

The link contains the consent form to which the APEC Schools representative can refer you to Bukas. Please note that the link you will be sharing is a personalized link and cannot be shared to others.

Click on the unique link and complete your Bukas profile .

Follow the steps provided in the link and wait for 2-3 working days to get feedback from the Bukas team. Make sure all the information you provide is correct and true.

Once Bukas confirms your All-in Plan, Bukas will deposit your child’s full tuition directly to APEC schools.

Make sure to log in to your Bukas account to check when your payment schedule starts and to monitor your monthly dues which you can pay at any Bukas partner payment channels.

We’re here to help turn your children's dreams into reality

Our tuition installment plans are designed to be flexible and affordable. Get started today to join thousands of students using Bukas All-in Plans.

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Learn more about the Bukas All-in Plans

Here are some frequently asked questions about the plans.

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How much do I need to pay for my child’s tuition?

You can get a sample computation of your child’s tuition through the Bukas app. Simply choose APEC as your school of choice and click the “How much do I have to pay” button below.

Why can’t I see other installment options?

Each APEC guardian can only choose from the installment plans that are available based on their payment history with APEC.

The installment plans available have been handpicked for you in order to give you your best match based on your needs.

How long does it take to be enrolled in APEC Schools after using Bukas All-in Plan?

Once you have received an SMS and email notification saying that you have been approved with a Bukas All-in Plan, please expect the tuition payment from Bukas to reflect on the school’s records within the enrollment period.

When is my first monthly payment to Bukas?

You can check your payment schedule and dues by logging on to your Bukas account.

Our team is ready to help you with your questions

We’ve got your back. Our customer support team is dedicated to helping you with your concerns.