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5 Skills You Learn From GAS Subjects


Agile and interdisciplinary are words that best describe students from the General Academic Strand (GAS). Since it is the most flexible out of all the other strands, students are trained to be ready for any college course and future career.

Maraming pagpipilian na kurso at trabaho ang mga GAS students. That’s why they are equipped with skills that can be used across many fields. That said, here are five skills that can prepare you for anything after senior high school (SHS).

1. Interdisciplinary Thinking

This is a skill that enables you to think about and look at things from different perspectives. GAS students are able to make connections between ideas, even if they come from subjects that “don’t have anything to do with each other.” From culture and math, theater arts and psychology. Students are able to find connections between many things. This is a useful skill for any career since you can spot connections other people can’t see. It’s even a necessary skill given our technology-driven world. Many industries need people who can make sense of different kinds of information, regardless of the job.

Tips to improve your interdisciplinary thinking:

  • Get to know people from the other academic strands.
  • Learn new things outside of class. Explore different learning resources like podcasts, books, and education apps!

2. Project Coordination

Project coordination is knowing the final output, what needs to be done to make that output, and making sure that everyone and everything is on track. Since GAS students know how to do different kinds of projects, they also know how to organize and delegate tasks for these projects. They can organize deliverables, kagaya ng meetings, deadlines, presentations, drafts, at iba pa. This is a basic skill for any job since it helps with the way you manage your work (such as meeting deadlines and producing quality work), and the way you work with others too.

Tips to improve your project coordination:

  • Keep a planner or use organization apps to keep track of your schoolwork and schedule.
  • Make it a habit to write things down, especially if it’s related to school! Ika nga, the brain is good for thinking, not remembering.

3. Adaptability

GAS students work on projects and learn concepts from the other academic strands. From business proposals to creative outputs. You are not limited to just one specialization. Since you can easily switch between subjects and ideas, kayang-kaya mong gawin ang iba’t ibang klase ng gawain. You are able to adapt not only to different tasks, but with the people you work with too. Whether in school or in your future career, adaptability makes it easier for you to pick up new things and learn new skills quickly.

Tips to improve your adaptability:

  • Explore different roles when doing group projects!
  • Do one new thing every day, especially things outside your normal routine.

4. Creative Problem Solving

Creative problem solving is being able to come up with solutions that are unusual or unheard of. For instance, using music and composition to uplift Filipino education, or using marketing and design to create accessible reading materials. GAS students know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to solving problems. Kaya nilang mag-isip ng mga panibagong paraan at solusyon para sa mga bago at lumang problema.

Tips to improve creative problem solving:

  • Put down your phone and take a walk! The best ideas come when you’re “not thinking.”
  • Set aside time every day to do something you enjoy. This fuels your creativity!

5. Social Skills

GAS is a melting pot of people with different interests. Students are used to interacting with different kinds of people too. Malawak ang isip at pinag-aaralan ng mga GAS students. That’s why they develop certain social skills that help them work with different people across different fields. This includes conflict resolution, active listening, cooperation, and relationship-building. These are skills that aren’t taught in school, but very useful in any industry you want to work in. Social skills will benefit your professional relationships in the future. For instance, how you can have good working relationships with your colleagues and with your boss.

Tips to improve your social skills:

  • Listen and think before you speak.
  • Sign up for extracurriculars like sports, community service, and campus orgs!

Equipping yourself with these skills is one of the ways you can prepare for your dream career and for college too. Kaya naman may Bukas para sa’yo!

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Written by: Bea Salcedo

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