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Courses You Can Take If You Took GAS In Senior High School


The General Academic Strand (GAS) is the most flexible strand in senior high school (SHS). It covers many subjects from the other academic strands such as humanities, organization and management, and social sciences. Kaya naman pwedeng pumasok sa iba’t-ibang larangan ang mga GAS students. If you took or are currently taking GAS, here are some of the courses you can take in college:


If you’re passionate about the next generation of students like you, pursue an education course. Since GAS has a good mix of subjects, students can pursue education courses in college. Depending on your interests, you can choose an education course that’s specific to a group of students (e.g., preschool, elementary, children with special needs) and subject of your choice (e.g., Mathematics, Science, English). A degree in education can lead to a career as a teacher, school administrator, private tutor, and even as a training officer in companies.

Here are some education courses you can consider:

  • Bachelor of General Education
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Special Needs Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education

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GAS covers subjects like disaster readiness and risk management, applied economics, and organization and management. Kung mahilig ka sa organization or enjoy planning in general, you can pursue a management course in college. Management courses will teach you how to plan, organize, and execute projects in any given field. From logistics to operations. With a management degree, maaari kang magtrabaho bilang project manager/coordinator, human resource manager, and administrative supervisor among others.

Here are some management courses you can choose from:

  • BS Environmental Management
  • BSBA Operations Management
  • BA Management Economics
  • BS Management Information Systems
  • BS Applied Economics

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Interdisciplinary Studies

The GAS curriculum design gives students the freedom to choose subjects from the other academic strands. This is similar to how interdisciplinary courses work in college. Students can mix and match their interests too! For instance, literature and information design, business and anthropology, and more. What makes interdisciplinary studies a great choice is that it finds a way to connect disciplines that are seemingly “too different” from each other. Kung interesado kang mag-aral ng dalawang larangan sa kolehiyo, consider an interdisciplinary course.

Since interdisciplinary courses combine two or more fields of study, you’ll have plenty of career choices too. Whether that’s working in arts and entertainment or in business. The best part about being an interdisciplinary student is that you can be anything!

Here are some of the interdisciplinary courses you can choose from:

  • BA Interdisciplinary Studies
  • BA Humanities
  • BS Economics
  • BS Interdisciplinary Business Studies
  • BS Management Engineering
  • BS Communications Technology

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GAS includes a lot of subjects that establish the basic skills of written and oral communication. On top of this, students are exposed to humanities subjects kagaya ng creative writing and world religion. This combination of subjects prepares students to take communication courses in college. Communication professionals are needed across every industry. Mula copywriters hanggang media researchers. Pursuing a communication course is the next step to take if you want a career in the broad field of media and communications.

Here are some communication courses you can choose from:

  • BA Mass Communication
  • BA Visual Communication
  • BA Development Communication
  • BA Organizational Communication
  • BA Technical Communication
  • BA Speech Communication

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Written by: Bea Salcedo

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