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5 Things Every Education Student Can Relate To


From teachers to school administrators, education professionals contribute to the growth and wellbeing of every student. As future educators and leaders of the next generation, hindi biro ang pinagdadaanan na preparasyon ng mga estudyanteng gustong maging bahagi ng education system. For starters, mastering teaching techniques, building subject expertise, and passing the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

Pursuing the education field comes with challenges and good things, too. That said, here are a few things you and your fellow education majors can probably relate to:

1. You’re a good coach

The school is a student’s second home. Teachers and school administrators serve as secondary parental figures. Kaya naman as an educator in the making, you’re already passionate about helping or guiding fellow students like you. The teaching techniques and strategies you learn from class give you a lot of patience when dealing with younger kids, and with people in general.

You have a knack for encouraging and guiding people through different tasks and situations. Mula sa paggawa ng homework hanggang sa pagiging tutor tuwing may exam. Your friends might even look up to you as the ate or kuya of the group!

2. Education takes “school work” to another level

Remember, teaching is only one aspect of being a teacher. Mabusisi ang preparasyon bago magsimula ang pagtuturo sa loob ng classroom. Hours of brainstorming, planning, and studying go into making lesson plans and other learning materials for students. Hindi natatapos ang pag-aaral para sa mga education professionals!

Bukod sa pagtuturo, meron ring paghanda ng mga lesson plans, student consultations, and grade calculations. Not to mention planning for an entire academic school year. In short, being an education professional isn’t your typical 9 to 5 job.

3. “Education is an easy course”

You’re probably tired of hearing people say that your course is “easy.” You know that pursuing a degree in education is more than just knowing how to teach. It’s an interdisciplinary course that requires many skills too. Kasama dito ang conflict management and information and technology literacy.

The training and study differs depending on your target education career. Each comes with a different set of challenges. You just have to figure out the “challenge” worth your while. For instance, if your course is focused on special education, you need to develop a skill set specific to students with special needs. If your course focuses more on school administration, you’ll need to develop conceptual skills to manage a team or a school on an institutional level.

4. You care about the next generation

You understand the importance of nurturing and helping young people grow in their fields of interest. Pinili mo ang education field dahil alam mo na ang kabataan ang mga susunod na propesyonal sa lipunan. From politicians to creatives, they are the next generation of leaders.

Education professionals equip students to be competent and to have integrity in their chosen field. You study education to make sure that you are able to equip and shape the character of your future students too. This includes learning how to listen to them, help them build good work ethic, and overall to guide them on a personal and professional level.

5. Pursuing education is a commitment

Education professionals are often stereotyped as people who chose to teach because they weren’t successful in their initial profession. That’s simply not true. Bilang education student, you know that pursuing this field isn’t a backup plan. It's a serious commitment. From mastering a particular subject (English, Science, Mathematics, etc.) to committing to a particular group of students (preschoolers, children with special needs, college students, etc.). Passion and perseverance are needed in becoming an education professional. Do you have what it takes?

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Written by: Bea Salcedo

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