Bukas Finance Corp. is a duly registered Financing Company with SEC registration No. CS201901691 and Certificate of Authority No. 1199.

Please remember to study the Terms and Conditions in the Disclosure Statement before proceeding with any loan transaction.

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Help Center  >  My Application has been Rejected. What can I do?

My Application has been Rejected. What can I do?

For rejected applications, we will be sending you an email for the next steps that you can take.

If you have a duplicate account, please use your original account to proceed with your application. If you are having trouble accessing the account, please use the Forgot Password function.

To avoid issues with your application, please delete your duplicate account by visiting https://bukas.ph/help-center/delete-my-duplicate-account/

You may also check out these links on how to improve your chances of approval:

You may also refer to these links for other options for financial assistance:

Our goal at Bukas is to help students pursue their studies through accessible and flexible tuition plans. We want our students to be in the best position to manage their tuition plans and finances.

While we do our best to provide everyone full tuition coverage, there is a chance that a student may receive reduced tuition coverage or their application may be rejected.

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