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IE University

IE University Location

Website IE University’s campuses: Madrid and Segovia., IE Southeast Asia & Oceania Regional Office 83 Clemenceau Avenue, Level 2, Singapore 239917,

IE University Contact Details

IE University - Bukas Tuition Installment Plans

What are the requirements to apply for a Bukas tuition installment plan at IE University?

To apply for an installment plan, you must fit the following criteria:

  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon You must have a co-borrower. You and your co-borrower must be a FIlipino citizen at least 18 years old
  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon You, your co-borrower, and additional contact person must be Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines.
  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon You must applying for a master's degree at IE.
  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon You must have completed and submitted your IE application successfully.
  • Before you get started, make sure you’ve prepared all the necessary requirements.
    Do you have a valid and active mobile number?

    Account verification and important application updates will be sent to your mobile, therefore you must have a working mobile number.

    Do you have a co-borrower?

    A co-borrower is an additional borrower who can be a spouse, parent, sibling, or any family member, or even a friend, who will be equally liable for the loan. Both the borrower and co-borrower need to sign the contract, are equally responsible to pay the loan, and both will receive collection reminders.

    Having a co-borrower puts someone in a better position to manage a loan. Once your loan agreement is activated, the borrower will need to keep both individuals' information updated. (e.g. when updating mobile number, address, etc.)

    The co-borrower needs to prepare any valid ID (even school ID), one proof of residence, one proof of billing, and/or proof of source of income.

    Do you have an additional contact person?

    Your Additional Contact Person will serve as your emergency contact. They must be a resident of the Philippines and at least 18 years old. They will need to provide their contact details, such as their mobile number and email address.

    Do you have the required documents?

    As the borrower, you will need to prepare your school ID (or any valid ID), one proof of residence, and your school assessment form.

    Either the borrower or co-borrower, or both, will need to provide a source of income. (list of valid proof of income).

    Where is IE University located?

    IE University’s campuses are located in Spain with campuses in Madrid and Segovia. Our post-graduate programs are held in the Madrid campuses in Calle de Maria de Molina in central Madrid and the spectacular IE Tower in P.º de la Castellana, 259.

    What are the updated contact details of IE University?

    IE University Contact Details

    IE Southeast Asia & Oceania Regional Office

    83 Clemenceau Avenue, Level 2, Singapore 239917

    (image of phone): +65 9853 3441

    (image of web): https://www.ie.edu/masters/

    Book A Consultation: https://meetings.hubspot.com/ashikah-ameerudeen/admissions-program-consultation

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The IE Experience

IE University is recognized for its unique and transformational approach to learning. It offers its students a vibrant and culturally diverse community where students can succeed.

Campus life at IE

Being at the IE campus is an exciting and enriching experience that boasts a dynamic community filled with students from all over the world.

Masters' Programs at IE

IE creates a unique learning experience for each of the programs they offer. They make sure to create a student-centered with a globally-focused learning environment.

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How can I apply for the IE University - Bukas Tuition Installment Plans?

All applications for the IE University-Bukas Tuition Installment Plans must be coursed through the IE financial aid / scholarships page. Students must submit all the necessary requirements and provide the information asked for by the IE Financial Aid Team.

Other things you’ll need to know:
What are the requirements in the application process?

You must first send in a completed application for their program(s) of choice to IE University. Following this, you can submit a completed application through the IE scholarship page here. You will be asked to provide information about yourself, an essay and a copy of your financial plan. The Bukas team will also be scheduling an interview with you once you have completed submitting the necessary initial documents to IE.

You may need to submit additional documents upon request by either the IE or Bukas team.

How much is the interest rate for tuition installment plans at IE University?

Tuition plans for IE University starts at 1.90% interest per month with a one-time service fee starting at 10%. Check out our calculator to see your monthly plan. Email [email protected] or [email protected] to get a complete breakdown and computation of your monthly plan with Bukas.

When is the deadline for the application for a Bukas Installment Plan for IE University?

You must be able to apply prior to the start date of the program. While applications are accepted throughout the whole year, you must be responsible for sending in their application in a timely manner. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible, if you are interested.

How long does the application process for a Bukas Tuition Installment Plan take?

Application process may take as long as 1 to 2 weeks.

We’re here to help turn your dreams into reality

Bukas believes in making quality education more accessible to all who are willing to learn. Filipinos who are committed to making a difference in the country can now experience the transformational IE approach to education.

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Learn more about Bukas

Interested about Bukas? Here are some frequently asked questions about us.

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What is Bukas?

Bukas was launched in 2019 with a vision of building a better tomorrow for Filipino youths, starting with affordable tuition installment plans to help make education more accessible. We partner with top universities and bootcamps in the country to provide financing solutions to their students.

How does the IE - Bukas Loan Program work?

The IE Bukas Loan Programs provides IE students an alternative payment option, allowing them to pay in up to 24* monthly installments with interest rates for as low as 1.90%* per month. All applications are subject to review and approval. For IE students interested in availing a Bukas installment plan, kindly reach out to [email protected].

*rates and terms are subject to review and may change

Who are Bukas' other partners?

Bukas is present in over 60+ physical and digital campuses nationwide with IE University being our first international partner. For a complete list of our partners, you may check out our partners’ pages here.

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