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University of Nueva Caceres

University of Nueva Caceres Location

Website Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines

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Go all in with UNC and pay with Bukas All-in Plans, NO DOWN PAYMENT needed.

Pay for your tuition with more affordable options. You can now choose the Bukas All-in Plans with NO DOWN PAYMENT required. Get a sample quotation here: Register | Bukas

  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon Pay with our 4-month installment plan with no down payment required and zero interest charge or
  • Checkmark circle outline - Icon Pay with our 12-month installment plan with 1% interest per month and one-time 2% service fee, no down payment required.
  • Read more about Bukas All-in Plans now available to you!
    Who can avail of Bukas All-in Plans?

    Students who are enrolled or planning to enroll into UNC for any college or post-graduate program can avail of any of the two Bukas All-in Plans. The student must be at least 18 years of age upon enrollment. Do note that the 4-month payment plan will only be granted to students with no outstanding balances at UNC or Bukas.

    What fees can be covered by Bukas All-in Plans?

    You may pay for your outstanding balances and current semesters’ balance with your selected Bukas All-in plan as long as it is on your UNC assessment form or statement of account.

    What makes Bukas All-in Plans better than the original Bukas tuition installment plans?

    We now offer 2 flexible payment plans for you with no down payment required to be able to enroll into UNC, whether you are an incoming freshman or a returning student. Our 4-month plan has a 0% interest rate while our 12-month plan retains our 1% monthly interest rate and one-time service of 2% to allow for a longer payment term with lower cash out per month. Do note that the 4-month payment plan will only be granted to students with no outstanding balances at UNC or Bukas.

    What documents do I need to prepare to create my Bukas profile?

    For a list of the documents you need to prepare, you may read: What Valid Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Tuition Installment Plan | Bukas.

Enroll into Bicol’s first university!

UNC is a leader in the field of higher education and among the largest institutions of higher learning in the region

Get 100% Tuition Coverage with Bukas

Bukas covers your current tuition and pending balances, if any. Get a sample computation by selecting University of Nueva Caceres on our registration page.

Pay your monthly dues conveniently!

Paying for your tuition fee's monthly dues has never been easier! Bukas is partnered with over 8000 payment platforms for your convenience.


Follow these steps for a smooth process!

Whether you are an incoming freshmen or a returning student, you will need to avail of your Bukas All-in Plan via the Bukas website. Make sure to use your OES number instead of your ID number.

To avail of a Bukas All-in Plan with UNC, follow the necessary steps below:
Create a profile on the Bukas platform and submit all the necessary documents.

Login at Login | Bukas or Register at Intro | Bukas and provide the necessary details asked from you. Kindly use your OES number in lieu of the Student ID number. For a list of the documents you need to prepare, you may read: What Valid Documents Do I Need to Apply for a Tuition Installment Plan | Bukas.

Select the Bukas All-in Plan that you prefer.

You may choose between 2 Bukas All-in Plans with no down payment required: our 4-month plan with 0% interest or our 12-month plan with 1% monthly interest and one-time service fee of 2%. Note that the 4-month plan will only be granted to students without outstanding balances with UNC or Bukas.

Wait for feedback on your profile verification.

Bukas may request for you to make revisions or clarify some details and documents on your profile. Make sure to check your Bukas account from time to time or read the Bukas SMS notifications sent to your registered mobile number.

Sign your contract with Bukas and we will pay for your tuition directly to UNC.

Make sure to review your Bukas contract and view your payment schedule. Once you sign your Bukas contract, you will have activated your Bukas All-in Plan. Your first monthly payment will start on Sept 22, 2022. Make sure to log in to your Bukas account to monitor your monthly dues which you can pay at any Bukas partner payment channels.

We’re here to turn your dreams into reality

Our Bukas All-in Plans are designed to be flexible and affordable just for you. Continue your UNC education today and avail of a Bukas All-in Plan.

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Learn more about the Bukas All-in Plans

Here are some frequently asked questions about us.

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Why wasn’t I granted the 4-month payment plan I selected?

The Bukas All-in plan granted to you is handpicked in order to give you your best match based on your needs. The 4-month payment plan is only available to students without outstanding balances to UNC or in a previous Bukas plan. However, you always have the option to pre-terminate or to complete your balance early for the 12-month payment plan.

How long does it take to get my contract from Bukas after availing for an All-in Plan?

It will take 1-2 business days for us to provide you with your contract once you’ve submitted all the necessary details and documents. However, if there are incorrect details and documents provided, it may cause delays in the processing time so make sure that you’ve provided all the requested information upon your initial submission.

When is my first monthly payment to Bukas?

Your first payment to Bukas for those paying for 1st semester SY 22-23 is due on September 22, 2022.

Our team is ready to help you with your questions

We’ve got your back. Our customer support team is dedicated to helping you with your concerns.