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Tuition Installment Plan Payment Channels

After applying with Bukas, you might be wondering how to repay your tuition installment plan. This page provides instructions on how to repay.

You can pay for your monthly dues through our online and over-the-counter payment channels. Check out the list of our payment channels below powered by UnionBank, Bayad Center and DragonPay.

Paying via UnionBank

UnionBank Over-the-Counter

  1. Go to a UnionBank branch and ask for a BILLS PAYMENT SLIP.
  2. Write "Bukas Finance Corp." as your payment Company or Institution.
  3. Write the "Student’s Name" as the Client Name.
  4. Write the “Agreement Number” found in Annex B of your disclosure statement as your Reference Number. This can also be seen in your “My Installments” page in your Bukas account.
  5. Write the monthly installment amount due found in Annex B of your contract. This can also be seen in your “My Installments” page in your Bukas account.

UnionBank Mobile App

  1. Open the UnionBank app on your phone.
  2. Log-in to your UnionBank account.
  3. Select "Bukas Finance Corp." under the list of official billers.
  4. Write the “Agreement Number” found in Annex B of your disclosure statement as your Reference Number. This can also be seen in your “My Installments” page in your Bukas account.

Paying via Bayad Center

Over-the-Counter via Official Bayad Center Branches

  1. Go to an official Bayad Center branch and ask for a BILLS PAYMENT SLIP.
  2. Write the "Student’s Name" under Account Name.
  3. Then add your contact number and date of payment.
  4. On Transaction Details, put a check mark beside "Bills Payment".
  5. Write "Bukas Finance Corp." or "" as your Biller.
  6. Under "Amount Due", put the monthly installment amount due you would like to pay for.
  7. Under "Account Number", put your Bukas Installment Number/Reference Code found under the "My Installments" tab of your Bukas account.
  8. Return the Bills Payment Slip and pay the cashier to complete your transaction (NOTE: You will be charged an additional P15 transaction fee by Bayad Center). Wait for 1 to 2 business days for your payment to reflect.

Bayad Center Mobile App


Reminders for Bayad Center Payments:

  1. Bayad Center charges an additional P15.00 fee for every transaction.
  2. This payment option is also available in payment centers that are partners of Bayad Center like 2Go Express, Capital Pawnshop, Citystate Savings Bank, CVM Pawnshop, EBiz, Go Beyond, LBC Express, Pera Hub, PHILPOST, Pinoy Pera Padala, Racquel Pawnshop, Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, San Roque Supermarket, Sinag Pawnshop, The Landmark, USSC, Villarica Pawnshop, Ruralnet Inc. Branches, Rustans, and RD Pawnshop!

Paying via Dragonpay

What is Dragonpay?

Dragonpay is an online payment platform that now allows Bukas users to pay for their tuition installment plans without using traditional forms of payments like credit card and PayPal. Now they can use their online banking facility or pay cash over-the-counter at physical retail channels. Dragonpay automatically monitors the online and offline payments and notifies Bukas of a completed payment so we can credit it to your agreement.

How to pay my dues using DragonPay?

To use Dragonpay, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the “My Installments” tab
  3. Click the Installment Plan that you would like to pay for
  4. Scroll down to “Payment Method”, open “Dragonpay” and click “Pay installment via Dragonpay”
  5. If you would want to pay your full amount due for the month, click the “Full amount due”option. If you wish to pay any amount other than your full amount due for the month, click the “Set amount” option and input the desired amount you will pay.
  6. Select the payment channel you would like to use (i.e. Over-the-counter non-banks, Over-the-counter banking or Online banking) Note: A convenience fee will be charged in addition to your total due depending on the channel you picked. To see a full list of accepted DragonPay payment channels and how to use them, click here.
  7. Once you select a payment channel, you will be redirected to the Dragonpay portal for further instructions.
  8. Follow the step-by-step instructions by Dragonpay and make sure to pay the exact amount stated in your Dragonpay payment instructions on time to avoid penalties or canceled transactions.
  9. Once you've paid, make sure to keep your receipt or deposit slip with you. Login your Bukas account after 1 business day to check if your transaction was processed. If not, contact us and send your receipt as proof.

Note: Make sure to follow the instructions provided by Dragonpay and only use the Dragonpay reference code when paying. Do not use the Bukas reference code.

For a detailed description on what to do, you can also refer to the payment manuals here:

How to Use Dragonpay for Full Amount Due Payments

How to Pay Your Preferred Amount Using Dragonpay

How much are the fees when using Dragonpay?

Depending on the payment method selected, there will be an additional convenience fee for using Dragonpay. Below are the convenience fees for each.

  1. E-banking or Online Banking - P10 per transaction
  2. Over-the-counter Banking - P15 per transaction
  3. Over-the-counter Non-banks - P20 per transaction

What is a “convenience fee”?

A convenience fee is a small fee charged by Dragonpay for using their payment platform.

Who pays for the “convenience fee”?

Convenience fees shall be paid by the user/student. It will be charged for every payment transaction done with Dragonpay. For example, if the convenience fee is P10 per transaction and the student’s monthly due is P3,025, then every month the student pays a total of P3,035 when using a Dragonpay channel.

What happens if I forgot to pay for the convenience fee or service charge while using an online banking application supported by Dragonpay?

In case you don’t pay for your convenience fee, your payment will not be successful. This means that your payment will not reflect in our system and your monthly due in your payment dashboard will not be marked as “paid”. So, make sure that you follow the exact amount to be paid on the payment instructions sent by Dragonpay through your email address or your contact number because it already includes the convenience fee.

What are the available Dragonpay payment channels for Bukas installment plan repayments?

Over-the-counter and online banking facilities of BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Landbank, and many other banks are available. Other non-bank over-the-counter payment channels such as 7-Eleven, Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, etc. are also available. To see a full list of accepted Dragonpay payment channels and how to use them, click here.

Can I pay partial/excess amounts using Dragonpay?

Yes, you can pay for the partial/excess amounts using Dragonpay by simply following the steps in here.

What if I was supposed to pay PhP3025.00 this month to complete my monthly due but I accidentally paid PhP3020.00. I paid for the PhP3020.00 via Dragonpay. Can I pay for the remaining PhP5.00 by using Dragonpay again on the same day?

Yes, you may use the Dragonpay payment option more than once within the day. However, please take note of the convenience fee for every Dragonpay transaction so we encourage paying the full amount.

I have a pending payment via Dragonpay. Does it have an expiration or can I pay anytime?

Dragonpay pending transactions can only paid during a specified amount of time depending on the payment channel selected. Once past the deadline, the transaction will expire and you must create a new transaction by logging in your Bukas account and selecting Dragonpay again. To check the payment deadline or validity period of your transaction, please look for the "Deadline" listed under the Payment Instructions sent by Dragonpay.

I paid via Dragonpay already but the account is not updated yet.

Please wait 1 to 2 business days for your payment to reflect on your Bukas account since not all channels are updated in real time. If there are still issues, send us a message on Facebook or email us at [email protected] with proof of payment and/or your deposit slip.

I tried to pay using Dragonpay but my payment was denied.

Make sure you paid the correct amount and also entered the correct reference code or ID. If you continue to have issues, send us a message or you may reach out to DragonPay directly.

I tried to pay with Dragonpay but did not receive any email instructions.

Make sure the email you provided is correct. If so, check the SPAM folder of your email to see if the instructions were sent there. If not, contact Dragonpay directly.

My due date falls on a weekend. How can I pay if banks are closed?

Now you can pay for your monthly dues even on weekends with Dragonpay over-the-counter payments through Cebuana Lhuillier, LBC, M Lhuillier, Robinsons Dept. Store, SM Dept. Store and many more!

I tried paying using Dragonpay but I can't find my preferred payment channel?

Dragonpay offers over a dozen payment channels from banks to non-banks but availability will depend on the partner channel's schedule. For example, Bank OTC via Dragonpay may not be available during weekends. If your preferred channel is not available, it would be best to select an alternative channel to avoid payment delays and penalty fees.

What are the instances where a refund request from Dragonpay should be made?

Dragonpay may issue a refund under the following circumstances:

  1. A deposit was never validated successfully by the customer possibly because: the customer did not perform the validation step; the amount paid was incorrect; or the validation details provided were incorrect.
  2. A deposit was successfully validated less than four (4) days ago, but the merchant gave Dragonpay the instruction to perform a direct refund for whatever reason.

What is the process for the refund request from Dragonpay? How long does it take?

To process the refund, you must go to this site: and click on the “online refund form” tab at the lower portion of the page. Then, fill out the form and click submit. Once you have submitted the online refund form, kindly wait for their email confirmation either within the day or until the next day. Once you have received the confirmation, kindly send a copy to us at [email protected] However, if you did not receive an email confirmation from Dragonpay, you may message us in our Facebook messenger or send an email to [email protected] for us to help you follow up on your refund request. Please allow 14 business/working days for the refund to be completed.

Reminders for Dragonpay Payments:

  1. For safety reasons and to avoid online fraud, please do not share your card number with anyone. Dragonpay may ask for an image of your ATM Card for your refund request. However, you have to make sure that the 16-digit card number at the front of your ATM card and the 3-digit CVV at the back of your ATM card should be covered. The details that need to be shown in your ATM card image should be your account number and account name only. Please take note that account number is different from card number.
  2. In connection with refund requests, Dragonpay does not issue cash refunds for pick-up or for door-to-door remittance. The supported banks for refunds are the following — AUB, BDO, BPI, BPI Family, Metrobank, Unionbank, RCBC, RCBC Savings, PNB, UCPB, Chinabank, Security Bank and Landbank. Furthermore, some of these banks may charge a handling fee when depositing to a provincial account. Should there be any such fees, it will be deducted from the amount to be refunded. They also support refunds to GCash Wallets. Refund requests must be received by Dragonpay within 30 days from the date of deposit or payment. Beyond that, Dragonpay will no longer entertain such requests.


For the Filipino version of this page, please visit

  1. Open and login your Gcash app on your mobile phone.
  2. On the dashboard, go to “Pay Bills”.
  3. Under “Biller Categories”, select “Schools”.
  4. Search and select “Bukas Finance Corp.”
  5. Enter the complete name of the student, the reference number and amount you would like to pay. You can find your plan’s reference/installment number under the “My Installments” tab of your Bukas account.
  6. Review your details and click “Confirm” to pay.

Note: Gcash will charge an additional P20 service fee for each transaction. Make sure you have enough balance to pay the full amount plus service fee.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can we get the reference code that we need for GCASH?
    Kindly use your Bukas Installment Plan Reference Code. You will be able to find this on your disclosure statement or on your My Installments Tab on your Bukas Portal.
  2. I received a text from GCASH that my payment will be posted on the next business day, but why don’t I see it on my Bukas Account?
    It takes up to 24 hours for GCASH to reflect your payments on their app. Separately, You will receive an SMS once your payment reflects in our system. This would take about 1-3 business days (excludes weekends and holidays). You can also log-in to your Bukas account to check out your payment dashboard!
  3. What do I do if I’ve sent the payment but I entered the wrong reference code.
    Please send your full name, installment number, and contact number along with your proof of payment with a subject "Payment Concerns" to [email protected] manner.
  4. I can’t find Bukas Finance Corp. under the Loans. How do I pay?
    You will be able to find Bukas Finance Corp under the School category instead.
  5. Can I make partial or advance payments to Bukas using Gcash?
    Yes! You can enter any amount you’d like on Gcash to make partial, full or advance payments to Bukas Finance Corp.
  6. Does Gcash charge a transaction fee when I use it to pay for my Bukas dues?
    Yes, Gcash charges a P20 fee for every transaction. Make sure your Gcash balance is enough to cover your dues plus the transaction fee to avoid failed payments.

Additional Reminders involving all our Payment Channels

  1. The Bukas Installment Number or Reference Code is alphanumeric, the first three (3) characters are letters and succeeding seven (7) characters are numbers. Make sure to write legibly so that UnionBank orBayad Center can process your payment correctly.
  2. If your due date falls on a weekend or on a holiday, please pay for your installment plan before the due date or pay for it through online banking and non-bank over-the-counter payment channels like Cebuana.Lhuillier, LBC, etc.via DragonPay. In case of late payments, there will be a late payment fee amounting to 5% of the unpaid balance.
  3. If you have paid on time but the payment made does not reflect on your payment dashboard, please wait for 2-3 business days. You will receive an SMS once it reflects on your dashboard.
  4. No need to send a screenshot of your payment slip. You can check your dashboard in your Bukas account to see if the payment was reflected. It normally takes around 2-3 business days for it to appear on your dashboard.

If you have any issues on the processing of your payments, you can send us an email at [email protected] or chat us up on our Facebook.

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